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This is a community for fans of the now defunct J-rock band, MALICE MIZER. Open for fans of the band, Gackt's solo works, Moi Dix Mois, and more! The band's Japan-only fanclub was called "Ma Cherie", and so I decided to name the community the same.
Though we welcome discussion of all things related to Malice Mizer and its former members, there is a strong Gackt community on LiveJournal located at dears. You can post Gackt related posts in our community, but I'll tell you now that you'll get a much better response over there instead. ^^

All fans of the band new and old, please join! ^_^ We're here for discussion, questions, and more.

Before posting, please read the following! There are not many rules in this community, but the ones we have, we ask to be followed.


1. Please use an LJ cut for large images, or anything over 300x300 and 80k*. We ask this for a few reasons, namely to reduce loading speed for dial-up users, and to reduce the clutter. We will ask you once to correct this if you forgot it, and give you a fair 24 hours to fix it before deleting the post. If you don't know how to LJ cut, please read this page of the LJ FAQ: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

*. 300x300 in size and 80k. One picture per post, as to futher avoid clutter. Any other pictures after the aforementioned should be put under an LJ cut.

2. No rumors or bashing*. Period. We do not want to mislead anyone, especially newcomers to the fandom. This rule is about as strict, if not moreso, than the LJ cut one. If you're posting a parody, please state so in bold.

*. Rumors include things along the lines of "Tetsu was kicked out because he couldn't sing", "Mana's real name is..." or, my personal favorite: "My friend knows someone who knows someone who knows someone in Japan that knows Mana/Gackt/Kozi/Yu~ki/Zaku!" (No, this isn't aimed at anyone in particular, I just hear it everywhere). This also includes speculations of any of the member's age, marital status or any other personal information. They obviously do not want it publicized, so we should respect them and their wishes. As for bashing, we really don't want any posts along the lines of "Tetsu's singing totally sucks!" or "They were way better with Klaha; before that they were lame!"... That isn't the kind of "discussion" we want here. If this rule is not followed, neither of us will hesitate to delete the post.

However, if you're still curious and you'd like answers to your favorite rumors, Bara no Seidou's 'Gensou Rakuen' will have a rumor section to dispell any untruths.

3. No flame wars / respect other members. Flames will be either frozen or deleted. We are moderators, not babysitters. If you'd like to start a flame war, please do so on your own journals. We are not elitist by any means, but we will not tolerate this behavior.

4. No disrespecting the moderators. You should not disrespect any of our members, as stated above, but especially not the moderators. Disrespect us, and we shall pwn thee. >O

5. Yaoi should be put behind a cut too, as it's not always work-safe and there are always children around. You wouldn't want to have to explain to a child what Kami was doing to the head in the Illuminati video, now would you? Didn't think so ♥

6. Do not post just asking for mp3s of songs available on official CDs, or for PVs that were released on video. We're all about supporting the artists, so the only things you should be downloading are samples. You may, however, ask for mp3s or videos that are not commercially available. Examples of this include TV appearances or unreleased material. If you have a special circumstance for needing an mp3 or PV that can be bought instead, like for a project or something along those lines, please contact the administrator at nuriko before posting.
6a. We're okay with you sharing files, but please keep it to a minimum. If you are going to share a PV or mp3 sample for our members, please make the post FRIENDS ONLY. Also, please don't post your list of files. This is not just going to be a download request community, but I'll allow it when people feel like being nice and sharing a bit of what they have to entice members to buy the real stuff. :P

7. We'd like your posts to have substance. Unless you are also sharing images or asking a quick question, or something similar, your post should be longer than just a couple of lines. We don't need the community filled up with "Gackt is so hot omg" posts, and believe us when we say it's happened before. ~_~ But also, if you're only asking a small question... Try to Google it or something first before posting here. You could even try looking back a few entries first too. Thanks!


That's pretty much it. Not a lot to ask, right? ^^ Follow the rules accordingly and you should have a pretty good time here! If you should decide not to follow the rules, we have the authority to ban you.

le pwn. ^_^\m/

Community is owned by nuriko
Moderated by odangoatama & nuriko

Official site: http://www.malice-mizer.co.jp/

Also please check out my other J-music communities:

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